Traffic rules Curaçao

Driving under the influence
The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is 0.5 per mille.
It is prohibited to drive under the influence of drugs.

Mobile phone
Drivers of motor vehicles are prohibited from using a mobile phone while driving.

Basic Traffic Rules
You have to drive on the right and overtake on the left.

At intersections, drivers from the right have right of way unless otherwise indicated by road signs.
At T-junctions, a driver on the road ending must give way to drivers on the through road.
Drivers on a paved road have priority over drivers on a dirt road.
Motor vehicle drivers have right of way over other road users (including moped riders), unless they cross other road users when turning.

At larger roundabouts, a right of way sign and/or shark teeth on the road will usually indicate that drivers entering the roundabout have right of way over drivers attempting to enter the roundabout.
However, if there is no right of way sign and shark teeth at a roundabout, the same rules apply as for a normal intersection and drivers from the right have right of way. This means that drivers entering the roundabout must give way to drivers entering the roundabout.
Please note: sometimes the signage at roundabouts is not clear, so if in doubt do not take right of way and pay close attention to other traffic.

You must overtake on the left, but on roads with separate lanes and two or more lanes in each direction, overtaking is allowed on the right.

When it rains, roads become particularly slippery in Curaçao. Drivers are therefore advised to moderate their speed in rain or wet road conditions and to keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front because their braking distance is considerably longer than normal.

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